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Wall Mounted TV Solutions

Millennium Entertainment Systems Services

Your Expectations are Our Goal

For over 20 years Millennium Entertainment Systems has provided the finest home theater and media system installations. From a simple wall mounted TV install to a complete, state-of-the-art media system, MES can do it.  We specialize in home and commercial installations and our team will work diligently to make sure your expectations are meant or even, exceeded.


Business & Commercial

From a simple TV install to a custom Home Theater / Media System, MES delivers excellence.  Our professional staff will work with you to achieve your desired goals.  One room or multi-room installation, we can do it.

Custom Universal Remote Controls, wall-mounted touch pad controls… No problem.

Our expertise is not only limited to residential systems and installations.  We have a proven track record regarding system design and installations for both business and commercial sites.

In most cases today, businesses require media systems to make their operations as competitive and effective as can be. We’ll assess your requirements and provide you with a solution which will totally meet or exceed your expectations.

Total Media System Design Pre-Wire Quality Installations

State-of-the-Art System Design

Quality Installations


We’re completely confident we can make your dream system become a reality.  Let us design a complete Home Theater/Media System around your desires.

Whether you want a cost-no-object system or you have a budget, we can meet your overall goals.  Our professional staff will pick the right equipment and provide you with a proposal to suit your needs.

We believe that a quality installation is a must for any job we do.  Our goal is to complete an install where you don’t even know we were there.  Our professional staff will treat your job just like as if we were doing it in one of our own homes.

When your install is completed, we know that you’ll be impressed and pleased with the outcome.

Millennium Entertainment Systems is one of the best when it comes to Home Theater/Media System wiring.  We can’t stress the importance of a pre-wire job done properly.  Fact is a lot of our work is fixing poor wiring jobs done by others after the fact.  A pre-wiring job done correctly is essential for an overall successful system install.  

Whether it’s a remodel or new from the ground up construction, we’ll do the pre-wire right the first time.

Our Design and Installation Experience will Benefit Yours…

Security Camera Installation for that Added Peace of Mind

Security Camera Installation

Let Millennium Entertainment Systems add that extra layer of protection to your residence and/or business assets. We specialize in the design and installation of State-of-the-Art security camera systems.

We specialize in video surveillance camera system installations, remote camera monitoring systems, wireless security cameras.  We provide new video surveillance camera system installations and we also service/upgrade existing camera systems.